Education’s Future: Interactivated Learning

bar graph showing Increase in EOC test scores 2018

What is the future of education? I have been working with leading teachers and expert school technologists to develop an instructional method to break down many of the old barriers in the classroom. It’s called Interactivated Learning. The first classroom to implement Interactivated Learning was an inner-city high school … Learn more

Interactivated Order from Chaos: Time Management on Steroids

Students are not machines.  Each student is different and when you put a bunch in a classroom, your day can go off the rails very quickly.  It can seem no methodology or planning can stop that, but an Interactivated classroom expects chaos and is prepared for it. Learn More

Interactivated Exploration, Cutting Through the Glitter

Don’t O.D. on “glitter” in the classroom! Learn More

I’m a teacher, so why do I look like an accountant?

man's business suit

Does your school mandate “professional attire” for teachers?  Is it business casual khakis and polos?  Button shirts, slacks, and ties for men, slacks or skirts for women?  Exactly whose “profession” are we dressing for, accounting? When you think of what a teacher should look like, what comes to mind?  Unkempt hair, bags under the eyes, thousand-yard stare like you’ve looked into the abyss, but the abyss was too scared to look into you?  What about clothes?   Learn More