The theatrical 4th wall is the division between audience and actor, between watcher and action.  In the classroom, there is that 4th wall between student and teacher as the teacher stays within three feet of the board, and the students as the audience are removed from participating in the action on stage.  That’s why we created 4th Wall Education.  We break that barrier and free the teacher to bring the information from the board straight to the students.  Using a 2 in 1 computer or tablet, the teacher can wirelessly project to the smartboard while walking around the room sharing the lesson, playing videos, emphasizing charts or maps, even doing formative assessments, all from their wireless device.  When used in conjunction with the Interactivated Learning methodology, we’ve seen a measured increase of over 30% in state test scores!

Developed by leading educators and educational technologists, our presentations are effective, simple to use, and test focused.  They’re perfect for the new teacher, the teacher switching topics, and the teacher that has to meet technology in the classroom mandates.  Our presentations also meet several of the Marzano standards, helping with your review, while demonstrating a strong use of technology in the classroom.  We’re so certain of the success of our product that every purchase comes with a money back, 30-day return policy.

We also offer some free manipulatives and downloadables to help enhance your Interactivated lessons!